Bareback Pads | Bareback Saddles

The PATENTED design of El Compañero is a unique bareback pad and bareback saddle that is handmade from soft-top suede leather that conforms to the contour of each individual horse, creating a perfect fit between rider and horse.

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Custom crafted Bareback Pads and Saddles

El Compañero's bareback pad is handmade from soft-top suede leather varying in shapes and contours making each Bareback Rider Pad unique.

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Headsets, Reins, Saddlebags

Our Bareback pads, saddles, headsets, reins and saddlebags are available in the colors English Toast (Brown), Black, and Turquoise. We recommend the use of a Western blanket or pad under our Bareback Pad.

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El Compañero Bareback Pads and Bareback Saddles

Experience the ultimate joy in the expression of "Oneness" between you and your horse with our unique custom crafted Bareback Pad, saddlebags, and fine accessories.

Made in the USA

NEW TRIAL BAREBACK SADDLE OFFER! YOU AND YOUR HORSE WILL LOVE IT! One month Bareback Pad Trial with El Compañero Bareback Pad. Call or email for details. Order the Bareback Pad of your choice. Mail check for: $375.00 Western Girth ,$395.00 English Girth, $405.00 Therapeutic Pad+ $24.00 S&H Use El Compañero Bareback Pad - Bareback Saddle for 30 days,
if not 100% satisfied, return to us and we will refund by check, less S&H. No Refund will be issued if not returned within 30 days from date shipped and must be returned in clean conditioned, if returned soiled no refund will be issued.