Contact, creating a union between the horse and rider is the ultimate benefit our Bareback Pad has to offer. Since there is no hard stiff leather separating you from your horse, signals are easily communicated. The soft suede leather enables you as the rider to maintain a firm grip, while continual contact of your knee and calf to your horse enables you to communicate without confusion, also avoiding saddlesores. You as the rider are able to assume a natural position according to the horse’s wither and slope of back, achieving centering and balance. You and your horse are able to anticipate each other’s signals through an enhanced sense of touch allowing you to react accordingly. When horses spooked, riders using our Bareback Pad remained on their horses while some conventional saddle riders were on the ground. When properly cinched, our bareback pad remains centered and does not slip. Our El Compañero bareback pad is lightweight, extremely durable, and is easy to transport. Because the cowhide breathes, it helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Another benefit of our bareback pad is you can ride in your shorts in the summer and go swimming with your horse.  Another advantage to horse and rider is one size fits all.

Equine Activities have an inherent risk of serious injury, even death. The participants using this product assumes all risk and liability. The designer and manufacturer may not be held responsible for any injury, death or liability.

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